430.523: Random Signal Theory

Seoul National University, Fall Semester 2017




  Tuesday and Thursday, 14:00 ~ 15:15, #302 College of Engineering Bldg. 301


Byonghyo Shim (Office: 509 Bldg. 301, SNU, Tel: +82-2-880-4144, Email: bshim@snu.ac.kr)

Teaching Assistant: 

Sangtae Kim (Office: 1117 Bldg. 301, SNU, Email: stkim@islab.snu.ac.kr)

Luong Nguyen (Office: 1117 Bldg. 301, SNU, Email: ltnguyen@islab.snu.ac.kr)

Textbook: NO main text


Stark and Woods, Probability, Random Processes, and Estimation Theory, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall.

S. M. Ross, Probability Models, 7th ed., Harcourt Academic Press.


Course Materials (Syllabus, Exam, Homework, and Solution):