Members of Information System Laboratory

Dr. Jianhua Tang [homepage]
[Cloud radio access network]
Luong Trung Nguyen
[Matrix completion theory]
Sangtae Kim
[Matrix completion and bigdata signal processing]
Hyoungju Ji
[5G wireless systems]
Jinhong Kim
[Sparse signal processing and compressed sensing]
Wonjun Kim
[Sparse signal processing and compressed sensing]
Guyoung Lim
[5G wireless systems]
Seungnyun Kim
[5G wireless systems]
Junhan Kim
[Sparse signal processing and compressed sensing]
Seunghwan Lee
[5G wireless systems]


Heejin Seo, M.S. (2017), Samsung Electronics
Yunquan Dong, Postdoc (2016), Professor in NUIST, China
Sunho Park, Ph.D. (2015), Samsung Electronics
Sungpil Shin, M.S. (2015), ETRI
Jaeseok Lee, Ph.D. (2015), Hanwhasystems
Chai Lim, Ph.D. (2015), Samsung Electronics
Suhyuk Kwon, Ph.D. (2014), Samsung Display
Byungju Lee, Ph.D. (2014), Samsung Electronics
Jian Wang, Ph.D. (2013), Professor in Fudan University, China
Hyunjo Chung, Ph.D. (2013), CTO, Aradnetworks
Wonkyu Seok, M.S. (2013), Samsung Electronics
Chaehee Lim, M.S. (2013), Samsung Electronics
Hyoungyoul Yu, Ph.D. (2012), Samsung Electronics
Miri Ha, M.S. (2011), Korean Air
Hyuk Lee, M.S. (2011), Samsung Electronics
Jungyong Park, M.S. (2010), LG Electronics


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